Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Can't Fix Stupid, but You Can Vote it Out!

It's Primary Day here in Massachusetts. On the coattails of Scott Brown's overthrow of the Kennedy Monarchy, there are, in fact; Republicans running in every Congressional District! It wasn't' long ago that many Democrats and few Independents ran unopposed as Bay Stater's were lulled to sleep by government over indulgence and the housing bubble.

I am NOT a Republican, I am NOT a TEA Party advocate and I am NOT a conservative, but I do like to see a good political race. I don't think my friends in either party find me very predictable.

I have changed my voting strategy in the last decade. As a Christian, it used to be important to me if someone was part of the fray. It's a little shallow, I know. As I look back, I still would have supported G. W. Bush, but much more because Al Gore and John Kerry fall way short of my religious and political ideals - and they still do.

Let me add, I thought there were better choices in the presidential primary last time around. I voted to Mitt Romney. I actually felt he better represented traditional Christian values better than Mike Huckabee - and I can't think of a better person to have solved the economic woes of the USA. I mean, the Omnibus Stimulus Package was a pay-off to unions and campaign supporters, while it bloated government payrolls.

Trust me, I would have been thrilled if McCain or Huck had made it to the Oval Office now that we've seen the real deal.

So, what's my new strategy?

-1 Issues, issues, issues! I don't care about parties, religious affiliations (Though I do think Obama should get a home church, or a home mosque and settle his allegiance or shut up about faith altogether.), gender, sexual orientation or much else. As a Christian, some things are important to me. I am pro-life, and I can't find any biblical loop-holes for being pro-abortion. There are none. I am pro-capitalism and free-markets, yet I do think that we need some oversight. But no one will ever legislate greed out of the equation. I am pro-green to the point of passing up any fossil fuel usage.

-2 Likely Winners: I am way past voting for my favorite candidates. I want someone that will represent me and my fellows in the Commonwealth as closely as possible to my religious and political views, and still get elected! It now becomes a strategy - sure, it sounds like voting for the lesser of two evils. But Regan and Kennedy are dead, it's time to be realistic.

-3 Stumping: Though Scott Brown would not have been a favorite, I got behind him and did some digital stumping, blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting on his behalf. It worked. I voted against Ted Kennedy every time I ever voted for Senator. I got a bumper sticker and a McCain/Palin yard sign. Might as wellbe vocal about what we believe - and I am happy to take on my detractors.

Education: It is hard to keep up with all the candidates in the smaller elections. In our state, the state site is misleading, and unfair to all the running candidates. There isn't even a list of names for who is running! http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/eleidx.htm and the site is 4 years out of date! htttp://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/elecand/candidx.htm

Unless you do a lot of work, or meet these folks at all the Labor Day weekend festivals, you don't have a chance of getting educated. The media, already slanted left, will not even give coverage to candidates they don't see fit; or those they see as a threat. (In the governor's race, also coming up in November, all the candidates are not invited to a number of scheduled debates. I wish that I had time to hear from all of them. Unfortunately, I have to rely on the ISSUES tab on their web sites, including the polish and spin - that is if you can even find a list of who's running without a 1/2 hour on Google.

Prayer: I believe that God only has one will, and one choice for each office. Period. I also believe that God is able to use non-Christians as well as Christians. Jesus is about destiny, and I do NOT believe that one can vote for one side and one for the other. God only has one choice, and it is up to believers to get it right. God does not debate these issues. He has a voice, and you are responsible for hearing it.

I also find it interesting that 63% of the folks in MA, where unemployment is still under 10%, believe the economy is the most important issue facing the state. 24% think the war in Afghanistan is the most important issue facing the state, while the rest feel it is the environment.

I saw a focus group of Christians that voted for Obama, 44% felt they made the wrong choice. I'm just sayin', I don't think we can afford anymore voters remorse, the stakes are too high for us, and for our kids.

Tomorrow I am supporting Tom Tierney (R) http://www.tomtierney.org/ in my district because our current, spineless, Washington insider, was against Obamacare and voted for it anyway. Ed Markey was on the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming that allowed the cozy relationship with BP to perpetuate; and bears some culpability in the Gulf oil spill. There is another Republican, but it looks a lot like business as usual to me

On my radar are folks that will energize the private sector to create jobs, not continue to send them overseas. It currently cost the US taxpayer $160,000 for each new job created under the Stimulus package.

And if I lived in the 4th district Barney Frank (D), I'd vote for the Independant, but I hope someone is making bumperstickers that says "Anyone but Barney Frank."

See you next Tuesday, for more politics.

For those who are voting today, here are the competitors for the Congressional races.

Delaware - Primary Election

District of Columbia - Primary Election

Maryland - Primary Election

Massachusetts - Primary Election

New Hampshire - Primary Election

New York - Primary Election

Rhode Island - Primary Election

Wisconsin - Primary Election


Tracy said...

I like the fact that you're so clear about what you think and who you're voting for and why.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Christianity is a major (though not only) consideration for you. Yet, the examples that you provide indicate that given the choice between a Democrat and anyone else, you always choose “anyone else”.

“As I look back, I still would have supported G. W. Bush, but much more because Al Gore and John Kerry fall way short of my religious and political ideals - and they still do.”
Could you expand on why Al Gore and John Kerry, both professed Christians, fall short of your religious ideals, while G. W. Bush meets these?

“I would have been thrilled if McCain or Huck had made it to the Oval Office now that we've seen the real deal.” “. I voted to Mitt Romney. I actually felt he better represented traditional Christian values better than Mike Huckabee ...”
Senator McCain has publically admitted that he committed adultery (Exodus 20:14). Governors Huckabee and Romney both supported abortion rights while in office, in varying degrees. Once they completed their Gubenatorial terms, they both professed their pro-life beliefs much more strongly.

“I do think Obama should get a home church, or a home mosque and settle his allegiance or shut up about faith altogether.”
Barrack Obama has publically discussed his conversion to Christianity. Is this why you don’t believe he is Christian – because he said he was? OTOH, if he had NOT discussed his Christianity, would THAT be why you don’t believe he’s a Christian – because he did NOT say he was?
I am genuinely confused as to why you are questioning a Christian’s self profession of belief in Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

David said...

@Anon - Well, first most Democrats, and all the ones in this state MA and the President are pro-abortion. It is one of my highest priorities. Obama, Kerry and Gore fit that to a "t." G. W. Bush was pro-life.

Regardless of his poor character choice (God, I never thought I would ever have to say that!) McCain is still pro-life and was opposed to Obamacare. Which is also high on my list of things I was against - at least in the current form.

Mitt Romney ran as a pro-lifers. Some folks do change, and not just for political reasons.

I won't comment on Huck - just don't like him. I wold have probably voted for Bill Richardson before Huck - that would have been a tough call.

No I don't think Obama is a true Christian. I think he is what I cal a cultural Christian - he was at home in Wright's church listening to a lot of social commentary - but no, I don't think he's a Christian. I was not convinced by McCain either - and Bush was on thin ice based on some videos I saw.

There are no loop-holes for abortion. Sorry - not buying and and never will.

Be sure to read my blog on abortion for the details. There is only one in the labels.

I am an issues voter. Abortion, fiscal responsibility, national security and the economy are on my radar.

Anonymous said...

And thanks for the response! Me, I vote for the candidate who presents the most rational, realistic and doable platform that benefits the nation, the community, and me (in that order, yep). Since 2000, my Republican options have been … awful. In 1990, the Republican candidate for Governor met my criteria, and I voted for him (he won!). Of my Senators, one is rather a dim bulb, but the Republican opponents have been total nut jobs (dim but effective beats bright but insane). The other was a very smart, astute, saavy productive Republican. I voted for him, but he was very narrowly defeated by an even smarter (but less saavy) Democrat. My Congressman is smart and passionate, but a crank. He’s in a safe district, and will be reelected forever.

David said...

@Anon - I didn't like the more popular Republican. It seems that he is business as usual.

I like the choices better in Barny Frank's district. The Interdependent was truly that, he supported, what I considered wise stances on the economy, energy and actually, for MA, seemed socially conservative. FRANK' gotta go!

photogr said...

As far as politics goes, it is business as usual. We just need new blood in offices. Not the same ole same ole.

2SenseWorth said...

Gotta luv the title! :-)
A few words = A BIG message.
*Thankful it's still America* ~for the moment. Praise God we can still use our freedoms, and our voice - "our vote". There's still hope for this great nation!

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