Friday, October 22, 2010

5 1/2 Things I Prayed for and Didn't Get..

Here are some things I prayed for and didn't get - now I know who is smarter. God! Most folks pray, but I decided to sit down and look back at some of the tough spots I was in where I prayed for God to fix it.

-1  Car Repairs: In 2000 I had the only accident I have ever had while I was behind the wheel. I also had the only uninsured (collision) car I have ever owned. I asked the Lord for money to get it fixed. The next day I came to work with my headlights dangling, and on my keyboard was a title to a 1998 Honda signed over to me!

-2 My Mother's Healing: In 2001 I prayed for my mother to be healed of cancer. I went out to visit her not long after she wad diagnosed, and the Lord said that he wasn't going to heal her. Instead I learned to deal with loss, I learned how important phone calls are, and my view of the eternal changed. HERE is more of the story.

-3 Ministry: In 1998 I asked God to grow my ministry which was flourishing at the time. Within 18 months I had pretty much lost everything. I was here that I learned what it means to follow Christ.

-4 A Good Job: Back in the recession of the early 1980's I prayed for a good job, I had just finished college and I needed work. I got crummy job, and quit to work at a better place. I got laid off and it took weeks to find work. Finally I took a part-time job with a guy at church. Three years alter I had my own company.

-5 The Strength to Quit Smoking Now! In 1986 I asked the Lord to remove take away my addiction to cigarettes right NOW! I was so sick, and just couldn't stop smoking. In 1994 he completely delivered me from them when I finally gave up. HERE is that story.

-5 1/2 Win the Lottery... I guess you have to play, but my God can let me win without buying a ticket.

How about you, is there something you prayed for and God denied the request?


Tony C said...

I'm not sure...I've become a very patient person as I've aged.

Don't forget to tithe if you win the lottery!

photogr said...

I would imagine there are a few things I prayed for and did not get. Usually it was the petty stuff I didn't need any way. I don't really pray for those kind of request for my self. I save my prayers for others in need.

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