Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music, Miles, Soaking Worship and Friendship

I have been a musician all of my adult life - well, the fact that I am either adult, or a musician are both questionable statements.Check with my wife for details.

August 24th, 1978, my best friend Dennis and I went to Guitars Unlimited in downtown New Haven to buy our first guitars. (That's us together this past summer.) We didn't know a thing about music except that we LOVED it. He was a folkie, and I was rocker; nothings changed. There we stood talking to Rick Castaldi (I ended sitting in with him in my first gig a year later.) I bought an electric, and Dennis bought an acoustic. History in the making for both of us...

Yesterday was a neat day for me. Not only did I celebrate 30 years of sobriety (which Dennis was a part of), but I also bought a new guitar - a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty. My favorite guitarist was Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin who was well known for his late 1950's Gibson Les Pauls. I once owned a number of these coveted axes.

It was very exciting day on both accounts.

As a Christian, I have been playing worship since 1983. I grew up in the era of backwards masking and the evils of rock music. For me rock music was an idol that had to go. In college I studied both classical and jazz guitar. I forsook all of it for Christian, Gospel and praise and worship music. I listened to Phil Keaggy, Dion, Keith Green and the Resurrection Band. I even played a bunch of wimpy campfire tunes at home group.

It wasn't particularly me.

A few years later, I decided that I wasn't going to get mugged by a rock tune as I mindlessly listened to the radio station. I was much more discerning, however. I was even DJ at a local classic rock station on Cape Cod.

Music was my life, and now Jesus is.

In the past few months, as I have pressed in about various ministry aspirations, I have also added a new genre my music. A few years ago, Harp and Bowl; a blend of praise, proclamation or the Word, worship and prayer was very popular. It seems to have evolved into something known as soaking worship - music to sit in God's presence. Most of it is gentle instrumentals - a few have lyrics. Our church has a prayer room with music playing 24/7 (House of David). As I sat there a few times, I felt a wonderful anointing on the music, felt an intimacy with God, and well, it made me want to pray.

I have to admit, as much as I like blasting my Les Paul through a Marshall 1/2 stack, I really like this music. Here are a few cuts that I enjoy. Sit back and relax - and let your spirit pray.


photogr said...

Certainly soothing music. Playing and singing worship music gives me a greater presence with the Lord as I have said before. I have even picked up a few insturments ( even the drums) to learn over the years but always seem to go back the piano for some reason. Think it is easier to transpose the notes, plus I know where they are.

However, as I age the old fingers and voice eludes me more frequently. Thus I am regulated to listening. Don't know what I would do if I loose more of my hearing due to old age.

Irene said...

Now you are scaring me. Did I know you in a past life??? So somewhere deep in your memory banks - like mine - you must have fond memories of The Boston Tea Party aka 15 Lansdown Street. It's where I first heard Led Zepplin and a few other bands during the "British Invasion". I think Canned Heat was the opening band that night. Later I hung out with the members of Ten Years After and The Kinks - all the original band members. Of course I can't remember their names now - heck I can't remember my own somedays. However the best part is I bought a 1957 Gibson Les Paul with original pickups and a cherry sunburst finish from Alvin Lee for $150. The sad part is I gave it to my my boyfriend for his birthday. Young and dumb. My favorite band back then was Deep Purple. Remember the Yardbirds??? Scarey isn't it? Someone's as old as you are!

David said...

@Larry - yes, it is a good stuff, and if you play it enough, it gets in your bones!

@Irene - LOL maybe! Well, the '57 is worth hundreds of thousands of $$$. And yes, I loved all those bands. I still occasionally listen to them.

And yes, I am old. :)

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