Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Political Tuesdays - The 2nd Amendment Part II

In Boston, a pizza delivery man was stabbed to death by 2 teens and a 20-year-old that got $100 and a pizza. The father of three was a hard working immigrant. HERE is the story. Impassioned Boston Mayor, Tom Menino (D) remarked that he'd like to torture the thugs. He later apologized for the politically incorrect remarks.

It is too bad that Mr. Menino is against the death penalty like the rest of Massachusetts. He is also against water-boarding. I'm sorry, it seems a little disingenuous. I'm just sayin' How should a Christian view the death penalty, HERE is a biblical view. Additionally Tom Menino is also anti-gun. I understand his sentiment, there are gun murders in Boston on the average of one per week. As we discussed last week in Part I, even licensed guns and gun owners are forbidden to have guns in Boston without the consent of the Police Commissioner. It is unlawful to carry firearms in any city building.

The latest murders included a mother holding her baby in her arms.

A similar incident happened in SC. This time the delivery man, who was beaten and had a broken nose, fired back killing one of the assailants. HERE is the story. And another man in a pizza shop in Charlotte, NC also fired back killing two assailants who were beating him. HERE is that story.

Because of the heroic deeds of one man, a doctor at Mass General Hospital is alive today. HERE is the story.

I am sure that most folks have made up their minds about the "right to carry". I thought I had at one point. What I am finding is that anti-gun advocates think that outlawing guns is the answer. How can it be as long as we have illegal guns. Sure, we could stop manufacturing in the US, and Sigsauer, Walther, and Baretta would continue to manufacture arms overseas.

I believe that gun violence points to some other cultural issues. Illegal guns pour over the southern border along with drugs and drug cartel violence. The two are tied together: drugs and illegal weapons. It makes me ask the question, because we've given up on the war against drugs, and the US really has put little resources into stopping illegal gun trade, in what type of logic does it make any sense to disarm law abiding citizens?

What do you think?


photogr said...

I think if a law was passed to ban guns from lawful citzens, only the criminals would have guns. Yes I am pro gun all the way for citizens but we must take away guns from criminals or have stiffer penalties for commiting a crime with a weapon.

If the actual fact be known, the US government is not taking any active action in stopping illegal gun or drug trafficing. Only the states have made any real action but are restrained by the government such as the case in Arizona recently.

I would think if we had our military back in the US, perhaps they could wage a war on the drug and gun trade rather than wasting their lives on people that can't even govern their selves ( Afganistan/ Iraq).

On the biblical view. God did indeed commit murder in Sodom and Gomora, in Noah's time, as well as other places in the scriptures against the sinners and rebels that failed to heed His warnings. However, He is God so I guess He has that right.

Being in a civilized (?) society, I would imagine we have to decide which crime justifies a death penalty. Wouldn't you feel that way also? Don't you think God forsaw this in the future thus His demanding we all follow the laws of Moses in order to prevent the crimes that is running rampant today?

Sadly many fail to listen or heed His warnings thus many innocent lives are wasted thru blood shed except when they are also armed for defense.

I would also think that God would want us to arm ourselves for protection against the criminal element as well as any government that wishes to attact us or take away our rights.

I would have to think hard on the choice of taking a life that commited a hineous crime if I was on a jury but I wouldn't think twice if my life was in danger.

I guess that is why I am still a sinner so to speak.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

blast some glitch happened with my original reply and it got flung in cyber space somewhere, never to be found.

Great post, made me reconsider my desire for totally getting rid of guns. I still despise them, and I always understood that doing away with them would leave only the "wrong" people possessing them, however you helped me see the issue is a bit more complex than i thought.

Of course we'd be best off if guns were never invented, but I have a feeling that prayer request won't get answered.

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