Monday, November 8, 2010

5 1/2 Random Thoughts

Now that I am slowly returning to normal after the elections, I am thinking about much more spiritual things again. I took a few days off from work to recharge my batteries.

With nary a ripple in the pond if life I think and therefore I share it on my blog.

-1 Does Anyone Read This Stuff? I really wonder if it is all worth it. I think that most folks read my comments on other sites and come to see if I am for real.

-2 Retirement? I am a little more than 10 years away - well unless somebody changes the age. Every weekend I pretend that I don't have to go back to work ever again - and then the alarm goes off on Monday morning. I pretend that I am just hanging out with Jesus, flowing from guitar to PC, to family activities to naps and then to lunch and back again.

-3 Money: Who doesn't think about money? I think about all the good I would do with it - the mission trips, feeding the poor. And the stuff I could have too. I am angling for a Nikon camera for Christmas

-4 Vacation: I've had a few days off, and I enjoy not having something to do. I'd like to go to Australia or take a London, Paris Rome tour with my wife. I also look forward to taking some time to visit friends who no longer live in New England.

-5 Apostolic School: It looks like things are lining up to do a class about the5-Fold ministry and the spiritual gifts, my pastor and I are slowly working through the details, I have written a booklet to go with it.

-5 1/2 Prayer ...

How about you, what are you thinking about today?


Tony C said...

Winning the lottery...

I'd share!

photogr said...


I am thinking about a crisis that will come up shortly. Do I tell the truth in court and face being fired or do I lie and face contempt of court charges?

Another way to look at it. Do I tell the truth and keep my integrity or lie and loose my credibility?

Either way I am sunk.

Charlie Chang said...

I think about raising Godly children and how I can give good attention to my daughter so she won't seek out the wrong kind.

Any suggestions? I'll go with the bible on this one and want to learn from an older father.

I'm also in talks with my wife about paying 100% cash for a house. We'd need to save up for about 8 years to do that. But I think it'd be worth it.

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