Monday, November 29, 2010

5 1/2 What I Can't Live Without - Well, Because I Have Everything Else

My apologies for a late post today. The Internet was no where to be found in our region at the very time I had allotted to write.

It made me think of a few things - things some days I feel that I can't go without.

Perspective is everything. As a member of the working- and lower-middle-class for most of my life; with an occasional stint of homelessness, being rich was pretty much out of the question. Even so, I have a lot of luxuries that I have come to rely on. Certainly I am grateful for them. I have traveled extensively in the Caribbean and also in Brazil.There are lot of folks living without running water, central heating and easy access to food. There is no Internet, no iPods, and no cell phones.

Life is not about stuff, but I do have some cool stuff. A lot of folks believe that if you have your health, you have everything. I want to agree - especially now that I have a friend suffering the trial of serious cancer, another friend that is disabled by cancer and another that needs a new kidney or two. Let me know if you want to pray or donate a kidney.

In America we have running water, electricity, heat, food, toilet paper and the like. We donate to those that don't. My state also has a pretty good welfare system along with food pantries and homeless shelters. (I am sure there will never be enough - but there is a lot!) Therefore; I really do enjoy; without guilt, the following things in life.

-1 My Wife: I can't begin to imagine a day without her. Even when she is away for a few days, I talk to her on the phone and share life via cell phone videos, pictures and text messages. I look forward to being in her presence - especially right after I have completed something on the Honey-Do list.

-2 My Kids: It is pretty much the same with them. Though I can pass a few 24 hours without them, I look forward to my phone calls and Facebook posts from the older ones, and my goodbye kisses and hugs from the youngest.

-3 My Computer: The creativity outlet of my computer for music, graphics, writing, socializing and managing my unmanageable life blows my mind still. So much of who I am is here at the keyboard. The fact that I can connect my iPod, camera and Blackberry to it, makes it even more amazing.

-4 My Guitars: I have been playing guitar since August 24th, 1978. Like my computer, it has become an extension of me. With it I express my emotions, things in my spirit, and I find it relaxing.

-5 My Car: It is just part of life. I always thought I would like to live in a big city where you didn't need a car, but then I had to go shopping in the rain back in the day of paper sacks. I was a guitar buyer and without a pick-up truck, I couldn't have made pick ups in New York City.

5 1/2 Jesus...

How about you, what would it be hard for you to live without?


Charlie Chang said...

I don't think I could live without the internet, my wife, kids, coffee, HDTV and the PS3.

Tracy said...

Like both you and Charlie, I couldn't live without my husband or sons, as to the internet I would have said so awhile ago but I currently have very limited access to the internet and am somehow managing (but I do miss it....)

Tony C said... nailed that list for me (just sub my wife and kids for yours of course).

In the bigger picture, I'd also say electricity. I lived without it for long periods during my time in USMC...not fun!

Can you imagine the horrible collapse of society if we lost the electric grid for an extended period of say a year? Hope Jesus comes back before anything like that happens!

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