Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charlotte is 7!

Today my youngest turns 7! She's been so excited about her birthday that she's had a hard time sleeping. She's been pouring over the gift catalogs from which she has made numerous demands suggestions over the past few weeks.

As a dad, it is a whole lot of fun to watch her be excited about something in her life. As an adult, those times seem to grow fewer and farther between.

I want to brag about my kid for a few minutes. She has a lot to be proud of. Charlotte is:

- Bi-lingual, speaking Spanish nearly fluently.
- Does well keeping herself entertained in a neighborhood devoid of kids her age.
- She is very analytical, bright and well, quickly sets traps that her parents cannot easily back out of.
- Looks like her mom!
- Likes her purple guitar!
- Has figured out how to get both boys and girls to chase her in just about every social situation.
- Has said some classic things!
- Likes to know things about Jesus.
- Likes goodnight kisses.

I guess my favorite thing is that I can still pick her up and hold her in my arms. It is always a special time for me.

Preanting is sure not for kids. That is why I have dedicated her to God. Whatever life brings, He will never forsake her. He knew knew her before I did!

Charlotte, today is your day! Love you Princess!


Tracy said...

What a great picture!

When I read this I'm so happy. Happy to see that your daughter has a dad who loves and appreciates her. One of the best ways for a girl to grow into a confident woman who doesn't allow men to treat her poorly is to have a dad who's able to love her and show that love in health ways. It's cool to see this in your family's life.

Tony C said...

Treasure the moments dad. We both know how fleeting they really are...

God bless you little Charlotte. May you do great things in His name!

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

well done on the bilingual - that will serve her so much! Though the way our culture is you should probably teach her a 3rd language, because soon bilingual will be the new High school diploma.

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