Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Political Tuesdays - Today is Election Day!

Today is Election Day. After this year's negative attack ads, I am glad it's over! This will be the last Political Tuesday post until the rhetoric reaches a fevered pitch again next Fall.

I am voting in Massachusetts. We have local, State and Federal candidates to consider. I have done my best to research the candidates; watched debates, read campaign web sites, listened to a few ads, checked voting records, and ignored gloom and doom: Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Keith Olberman and John Stewart. As always, it bothers me to vote for questionable character or worse questionable character - but I am going to do it regardless of the quality of the choices!

How we vote here, particularly for Congressional and Senatorial candidates affects you! How you vote, not just in the US, affects me. Please pray, research and get out there!

We have 3 Ballot Questions: Two involve repealing state sales taxes added during the current recession, and the other is about permits for low-income housing, reducing the bureaucratic process. This proposed law would repeal an existing state law that allows a qualified organization wishing to build government-subsidized housing that includes low- or moderate-income units to apply for a single comprehensive permit.

Although I think everyone should vote, there are a handful of folks that I doubt are actually qualified to handle a Sharpie in the Balloting Cube.

The Parents that Would Need These Instructions:

Anyone the Shops Here Because of This Sign:

These Two Guys:

This Woman:

These Guys - But It Looks Like We Won't Have to Worry About Them:

The Driver:

The Person that Put This Sign Up:

Did you vote?


photogr said...

Yep. I voted. I had reference notes on the candidates and a list of which house and senate members voted in Ohio for the flawed health care bill and other questionable bills passed the last two years. It appears other voters did too.

It wasn't a surprise that the majority of the Ohio Democrats lost their seats in Washington to Republicans not only in the house and senate but also in local and state positions too.

The best part of this is Nancy Pelosi may well be on her way out as the speaker of the house. Too close to call yet though. Depends on the rest of the other states going republican and gaining more seats in the house whether we will be rid of Pelosi.

"Although I think everyone should vote, there are a handful of folks that I doubt are actually qualified to handle a Sharpie in the Balloting Cube."
Well said David but I think there are more than a handfull.

BTW. I hear ACORN is now filing bankruptcy ( per Fox News) for lack of federal funds. A large portion of their heads of staff are facing jail time for voter fraud, false voter applications, embezelment, and other crimes.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

holy cow those photos were awesome. You can't choose a favorite!

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