Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Why Don't I Have a Wednesday Blog?

Good question.

I have a good answer. I didn't have time. Here it is bedtime, and I thought I should put something up - it's like a commitment, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So, what was I doing? I was playing guitar and getting my thoughts together for a CD. And I was working on my families web sites. Shoemaker's kids and all.

Here is one I did for Zöe. She is an aspiring fashion designer. If you need a dress for New Year's, check her stuff out. (Not you Tony!)

And this is the one that I did for my wife's pet sitting business.

I also wasted my lunch hour actually having lunch. But I did manage to comment on Charlie's Church of Christ, Godly Sheep, The Church of No People, Tony C Today and Abundant Living this week.

And one more thing: Please pray for my friend Curtis; he's been ill.

I'll be back on Friday with more Geek Gifts! Or if you are not a reader of Kingdom Bloggers, check them out. I write there each Monday.


Charlie's church of Christ said...

i'm with you man - the only time I can find to write blogs is Monday, Tuesday and wednesday nights, but i'm so occupied (not busy) during the day I don't even get time to reply back to comments.

Didn't know you blogged elsewhere - thanks for the heads up

Tracy said...

Wow Tony must be goofier than I realized if you have to give him that warning!

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