Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Fun - Some of My Favorites

Well, Christmas is almost here and I thought I would share a little of our seasonal celebration. We mostly had a good time with the pre-celebration stuff. Our youngest is starting to get a bit of her mother's sense of humor.

This is Charlotte when she discovered that the baby Jesus was not in the crèche scene.

"Where is baby Jesus?" she asked her mother.

"He won't be there until Christmas." She replied.

"Then why is everyone else here?" She fired back.

And that what it's been like...

The following shot is entitled: Too Loud

I am still working this week, but we have still managed to fit in a few fun things.

This is me and the little redhead.

We had a nice time on the buggy ride because there was not enough snow for a sleigh ride.

This is her and her mom!

This is LINK is mty favorite Christmas Song: Mary Did You Know.

And the following is my favorite Christmas Carol.

How about you, do you have some Christmas favorites?

1 comment:

Tony C said...

She's way cute! I love the pics.

My fav Christmas song is 'Do you hear what I hear?' and my fav candy is the little chewy Brach's christmas tree nougats.

I still get goosebumps on Christmas eve and feel just a bit closer to God during Christmas...maybe because I tend to reflect more on the most precious gift ever known to man.

Merry Christmas Johndrow family with love from Tennessee.

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