Friday, December 24, 2010

Geek Toy Stocking Stuffers

Well, this is it! The last day to grab something for the stockings - and it's time for the men to start shopping. :)

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Here are my last few suggestions if you still have time to get out there and shop.

Batteries: C'mon now, everything you bought and are going to receive probably needs batteries. The most popular size are AA, and AAA.

USB Cable: If it isn't powered by batteries, than it probably plugs into the the USB port on your PC.

USB Hub: If you bought a boatload of the USB gadgets I recommended, then a USB hub is a good idea. You can daisy-chain them, and easily have quite a few devices.

Printer Paper: Photos, Christmas cards, package labels - it all needs paper!

SD Cards: Most cameras, cell phones and video cameras take an SD card. They are pretty cheap, just $12.99 from Best Buy for a 4GB.

Chap-Stick: Baby its cold outside and dry too. I love to get these in my stocking - but I do prefer Blistex.

Time in Prayer: It is really hard to take a few minutes to reflect on the season, but hey, it's going to be over tomorrow. How about grabbing a few minutes with the Lord to thank for what you do have, and maybe be thankful for some of the things that you don't have while you are down there on your knees.

Have a blessed Christmas! And remember that Jesus is reason for the season, nothing else.

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photogr said...

Well I did take your advice on the batteries. I am now well stocked on batteries. Perhaps too well stocked.

I pray you and the family have a wonderful celebration on Jesus' birthday.

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