Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Here! - My Mini-Book on How the Church is Really Supposed to Work!

I have written many times about issues in the church, but today I want to offer some solutions for free! In return, I am simply asking you to give your feedback, and proof the text of my new book-let. It is just the first 8 chapters, but they are the best ones.

The original work was taken from Fire & Grace blog posts and run in by the Grammar Cop and a couple of trusted Christian friends that are close enough to say stuff like: "Chuck it", "Where's the Bible proof for that?" and "That's just your opinion." Now I am giving you your chance to weigh in.

Sure, if you really have read my blog you'll recognize a lot of it - but hey, it is now in a handy-dandy PDF file that you can pass around to your friends. If you print it out and don't like it, you can use it to start a fire, or as emergency toilet paper.

And even better, if you live in central New England, you can even come to attend my Friday night classes in January.

Many thanks to my family for letting me sit in front of the PC and to PS Daryl Nicolet and Steve Smith for your hours of time on this project!

If you are willing to provide feedback, then download Apostolic Reform - A Fresh Look at the 5-Fold Ministry right HERE.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Sweet! Downloaded...awaiting feedback...

photogr said...


This is really some good reading. ( I have finished the first 29 pages.) It almost feels like a manual for a church to follow in order to really serve God.

However, I doubt if many churches will follow this well laid out plan to save others. Too much politics and inbred ways in organized denominations.

I think this would be a good book for pastors and lay people both to read in order to define the ways they should serve God.

I particularly liked the evangelist section so far.

You definitely have put some time on this book. Thanks for sharing.

photogr said...

OK. I should have finished reading the last two pages.

I recently scoped out a possible church to join and was interviewing the pastor who seemed quite likable. When the question came up about the Five Fold Ministry, all I got was a blank stare from him. He then went on to advocate that they did not follow that doctrine.

I asked about the spiritual gifts, laying of hands, and prophesy. Another blank stare and he went on to say that they do not subscribe to Charismatic or Penticostal beliefs.

I get this frequently when we visit other church denominations that I am familiar with.

Why this is such a discord with established churches is unknown to me.

This book would be a great way to plant a new seed church that embraces the 5 fold ministry, spiritual gifts, prophesy, super natural powers,and love for others dispite their economical stature.

Sadly, I find none yet that offers this. Most seem heavy on the laws of their denomination but weak on the love.

eaglegirl said...

I downloaded it and want to read it. Any chance it can be put onto Kindle ?
Got my hubby one for Christmas. I have a hard time reading a long message on the computer. Going across the whole screen is hard on my eyes.
Maybe I could set it up to look "book-like", if that makes sense?
And I hope I can find it later after I downloaded it.
But I will prevail and read it !
Cincinnati Carol

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