Monday, January 3, 2011

5 1/2 Things Christians Can't Seem to Live Without

Headphone Mics - Man this is a handy gadget! You can do all sorts of gymnastics in the name of Jesus. When preaching, it will fire you up with the word of God! You can be expressive, and dynamic! Gone are the days of pulpit mics, and lapel mics along with organ music!

Altar Calls - Still a staple of the the evangelical church. Funny, the truth is that 94+% of Christians got saved through making friends with some one that was already saved. Maybe we could have relationship calls?

Overhead Projectors - no more hymnals. I guess that is because they don't tech folks to read music in schools anymore. Just plaster the lyrics to the song on the overhead. But someone, please teach the worship leader the same words!

The Word "Freakin'" - it sort of goes to show you that we are not of this world. Usually accompanied by crap, shoot and gosh dang it.

Titles followed by "Pastor" - I am not sure how all this started. In the olden days of church, we just had pastors. Then we had associate pastors, zone pastors and senior pastors, followed by worship pastors, youth pastors, children's pastors, greeting pastors home group pastors, cookie sale pastors and I bet some where, the janitor is called the sanitation pastor, because toilet cleaning pastor just doesn't have a nice ring to it.



Charlie's Church of Christ said...

well David you obviously don't go to a real church because in real churches the congregation sings so loud that you can't hear the worship leader substituting different/incorrect lyrics.


jay sauser said...

First time reader here, that was a good post to start off with!

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