Monday, January 17, 2011

Class 1 - Postmortem

Class 1 of the Apostolic School is complete. I received an email from my pastor.


You did an exceptional job last night.  I mean REALLLLLLLLY exceptional.

Love you,


I certainly appreciate my pastor very much. He is becoming a close friend. Most of all, it is nice to be loved, even if when I don't do anything; he's good at that. I say "thank you Jesus for what you do." I knew going into this I had nothing to offer without God's intervention.

So what happened? I talked about my passion for Jesus, for helping others find their spiritual gifts, and I taught them to pray for one another. The Doctrine of the Laying on of Hands is very simple.

I stumbled across one of my favorite verses and went for a quick sermon on the releasing the new man. HERE are the details.

We had folks put down their prayer needs on paper, and picked 3 of them to receive the laying on of hands. I am looking forward to the testimonies next week.

Later we asked folks to desire spiritual gifts and then prayed for some of them to receive them from God. Again, I am looking forward to the testimonies.

I made a few mistakes - and well, let's just say sarcasm is not a spiritual gift. I am always humbled to have the headset on.

You can actually join us online Friday nights at 6:30 PM. Here is a LINK. I believe there is a recorded version of the 1st class there as well.


Andrea York said...

What time zone will that be in?

jay sauser said...

Very cool man. Glad you got such a good relationship with your pastor.

David said...

@Andrea - 6:30 EST (GMT-5)

@Jay - except for the 80's this has been the best situation I have had in the church. it is a blessing and a miracle.

photogr said...

David: Good start. I really appreciated the talk on the gifts and miracles. Just be sure the camera man knows how to focus the camera.

Tracy said...

I'm so happy for what God is doing in your life and through you.

For some reason when I clicked the link I couldn't figure out where to find you

David-FireAndGrace said...

Tracy here is the link to the first class:

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