Friday, January 7, 2011

God is Sooo Very Cool, Especially When He Talks to You

I often think about about the times that God has spoken to me. Sure, there are a lot of kooks out there that don't hear God and claim to, or worse, hear Satan and call it God. I am neither. :)

For the Christian, we have two dilemmas, hearing God, and not hearing God.

It seems pretty logical that if we don't hear God, we are off the hook pretty much. I mean if you don't have any instruction from On High, you just plug along doing what you are already doing until you get some. Conversely, when you do hear God you are presented with a different quandary, what now!?

So for Christians that are pretty much used to NOT hearing from God, here is what I find. They seem to wish that God wold tell them what to do, or they are happy with their own opinions and biblical knowledge and they go on with life trying to be good. Some even read the Bible every day and pray too.

For Christians that begin to hear from God, they have a lot of conflicts of faith - I guess that's what we'll call them. Did I get it right? Is this really God? What if it's not? What if it is and I don't do anything?

Today I thought I would lay it out for you:

John 5:19 “Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.

John 14:12 “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

So, let's break it down. That means that all the things that Jesus ever did are on the list of things we should do and more!

Therefore; if you don't hear from God or "see what the Father is doing", you don't have anything to worry about. However; if you do hear from God, then what? We are always back to the obedience question. And how do you hear from God?

Jesus also said this: "John 10:4 When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice."

It doesn't say that we can read the word of God and know which verse to do right now. We must know God, and hear his voice! If we don’t, we are just religious machines trying to be good, which is an unobtainable goal. We need to know which verse to act upon now! The Greek word for this is “rhema.”

Here are two little stories from my own life.

One day I was praying for my business with a long time friend. We were getting started and working together to start up an Internet company. We had worked together before, and this was just another adventure.

I heard the Lord say: "You'll make $200,000 the next calendar year." Wow! Amazing. Here I was coming off unemployment after having a $13/per hour job. He was an unemployed carpenter; big news for both of us.

A calendar year went by, and I reached the $200K mark just as I was promised.

You might think it is cool making that kind of money, but I think that it is amazing how God did exactly what He said he was going to do.

Another time I was beside my self hoping for something in my life to work out. I didn't hear from God - well until I went to a meeting with a friend in March of 2000. There was a prophet there and he asked me if he could share a word of the Lord with me. Sure, I thought what could be the harm?

So here it is: "Because your life is a prophetic word of the redemptive and delivering power of the God that you serve. There is a deliverance anointing on your life. And the Lord wants me to tell you that  there will be days down the road that you’ll walk into a church and demons will begin leaving people because of the measure of anointing that is on your life.

There is a speaking gift that God is going to put inside of you. But it’s not a teaching gift, it’s more like a preaching gift, but it is not really a preaching gift. This may sound funny, but you know what, church as we've known it, it’s over. We are not going to have services like we've had all these years. And preachers the way they’ve preached before are not going to preach that way anymore. How are they going to preach? I don’t  know, I have no idea. All I know is that God has given you a speaking gift. You are going to get up in places and speak the words of the Lord. Not just the written word but the prophetic word of the Lord, for an area, for a community, for a block, for a neighborhood and see salvation come because of the measure of the prophetic gift that is going to flowing from you.

I see: a prophetic spirit, missions, 3rd World anointing, apostolic teams going to nations."

So there you have it. Some of this has happened, and some of it about to happen next week. Does God keep his promises? YES!

How about you, do you want to hear from God?


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

I'm more like a Israelite on exodus - I've heard from God but the buzz from that doesn't last, and I forget about it.

Tracy said...

Yes I want to hear from God. More now than before because I've come to trust Him more

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