Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Awe of God

After working our way through the Pastor, the Teacher and the Evangelist in the 5-Fold School of Ministry, I have been challenged to document what I believe. I don't mind, but I settled so many issues years ago, that I had forgotten each verse that proved my point. Truthfully, after all this time, it is just a part of life; a part of the way I commune with Jesus. I don't need to know where the verses is that says "pray without ceasing," "whatever you ask in my name;" I am good.

My Jesus experiences that are very common, are foreign to some in my class, and even those in my church. There is a list of them, from healing to falling under the power, tongues to prophecy, I have seen it all. It doesn't make me special, just experienced at the very least, and bit more intimate with God too. I have even been called a heretic - LOL! I take teaching very seriously, but some days I just want all of God, and I'm going there.

I met a guy in the class that has been saved for less than a year. God pulled him out of heroin addiction, and set his feet on the Rock. I prayed for him and he experienced Jesus in a very new way. After the class he caught me in the hallway, "I thought all this was mumbo jumbo!" he said. He began to be somewhat emotional too. On his lips were words he couldn't find to describe the intimacy with God he just experienced.

I don't know about you, but I live to experience God. Jesus gave me the keys to the Kingdom, and one of them really turned me on!

I had actually started Fire & Grace to write about me and Jesus. We have quite a few years together now, and I very much enjoy Him. I traveled as a missionary in Brazil and Norway, and let's just say what I saw happen there, if it happened in most US churches, folks would be freaked out. Can you imagine the presence of God so heavy that no one could stand in the sanctuary?

God is so much more amazing in real life than you can get in 3 or 4 worship tunes, a 45 minute sermon and a cup of cold coffee.

Me I want to be in awe of God, not walking around unsure of my faith, my eternal home, and missing out on the love and power of God as he expresses himself through the Holy Spirit.

How about you, have you experienced God as deeply as you hope to, or are you good where you are?


Anonymous said...

those who called you a heretic, are nothing more than whattheheckatics. lol
Great article -D

Will said...

Definitely not good enough where I am. Where can I start fixing it?

Andrea York said...

I want MORE. I want so much of Jesus that my face literally shines. I want so much of his presence that is the VERY food that I eat and I am satisfied with nothing else. I want so much of him that all the favour & blessings that I've received (of which, there are many) I count as loss. I want to say, "To live is Christ" and absolutely mean it.

David said...

@Anon - LOL It doesn't bother me. It is one thing to have knowledge, and another thing all together to have the knowledge of God. The later being far superior!

@Bill - you know, I am gong to write a series on Fixing the Church from the Pew. Thanks for the idea!

@Andrea - I am with you.I just want to enjoy Him, and be in his presence. That doesn't take a lot of theology. :)

charlie's church of christ said...

I haven't been around here long but I'd love to hear some more stories from your travels!

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