Friday, February 18, 2011

From Darkness to Light - The Journey of a Bumbling Christian

I have resurrected a book that I started writing a couple of years ago. It is sort f a spiritual autobiography. It's no A Million Little Pieces, and it won't get me on Oprah, but it is all true.

Two things happened that made me stop writing the book. The first was that it didn't have an ending. in fact it didn't even have a climax. The second thing - well third was that it didn't flow. It was a choppy bunch of stories that, except for their chronological order, did not work together. Those are good reasons to stop writing - well that, and I don't know what the heck I am doing.

The good news is that God knows what He is doing. It doesn't matter if I finish it, or if it even sells. What matters is that he is in control of the process. Next week I am putting together a pre-publish copy for some friends. Some are Christians, and some are not (I am so sneaky). What I know is this, it is collection of testimonies; a bunch of vignettes from my life in Christ, and few before that. Most importantly, I get to brag about Jesus, I really like doing that.

I have to admit, some of what I write about is pretty low voltage. Church last Sunday, that's another story.

These are the sort of things that have happen to me the past few weeks.

I taught on the office of the evangelist at the 5-Fold School of Ministry 2 weeks ago. We had 25 students, and three had a profound experience with Holy Spirit! The next week I taught on the office of prophet with my friend Stephen Cummings and we had 22 students prophesying. It was all very exciting, and most felt that what they received was from God!

Sunday, I met a couple after church. Only the husband had been the week before. The Lord showed me that their daughter (who looked to be about 3) had been born with some birth defects. (word of knowledge) I simply delivered the message, and that she was healed in Jesus' name. The Lord told the parents not to worry about her health any longer. (prophecy) It turns out she was born a few years ago at a weight of 1 lbs. 2 oz. and had many complications. Now she is completely healed! The Spirit came on her and she was saying "praise Jesus!" as they left the sanctuary.

There was another woman there with her two adult daughters. One was with her husband. I saw in the spirit that he was a football fan - all that sort of guy stuff - and that he had been raised Catholic. The eyes of God looked right through him and he was overcome with the Gospel! The love of Jesus welled up in his heart. He confessed that he had not ever read the Bible on his own. I told him how awesome he was and how awesome God thought he was. I encouraged him to read the first 3 chapters of John. It was an amazing sovereign salvation. He sat in the pew for 30 minutes reading thumbing through his Bible and crying. His wife and mother-in-law had been praying for him. (I think she said for 15 years!)

This man's sister-in-law was there too. God reignited the fire of God in her. He healed her emotions regarding a certain event, and filled her anew with His spirit. Her hands were on fire as the gift of healing was imparted sovereignly, and the also the gift of prophecy and the interpretation of dreams - just wonderful the love of God poured out; a life turned around in the twinkling of an eye! PTL Her mother said they would never be the same.

There was another young guy. I really enjoy him and have heard him pray. He can pray like few others I have heard. His heart, his authority and the presence of God manifest - amazing! I shared a word word with him as well. I was very far out on a limb. Let's just say it was astonishing to me what God had prepared fro him. A few days went by, and he sent me an email. He called is a righteous word - very accurate and encouraging - right on.

Today, I have just been pondering these events. God is so good. The pastor and I are very encouraged about this move of God that has begun. It is exciting and most of all: humbling. I was so in awe of God, I wept half way to my house. It is hard to put into words the honor that it is to serve God.

Yes, God you are really there!


Andrea (on-dray-ah) York said...

I love your testimonies, thanks for sharing. God IS good, all the time.

Andrea (on-dray-ah) York said...

Thanks for sharing the testimonies; it makes me to keep hungering for more and more in my own life. God IS good, all the time.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

yeah, that'll do!

photogr said...


Write the book of your tetimonials. What you have experienced in your walk with Christ is profound and has inspirational implications.

I am sure God gave you these gifts for a purpose. Best utilize them to the fullest in service to Him.

It is good news to hear about how your classes are doing. I am quite happy for the progress you are making with the people.

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