Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God's GPS! From Darkness to Light

I love to tell stories about my supernatural God. In fact I am writing a book about it. There are about 100 stories in all and each one I find  exciting. Here is a vignette from the chapter on Walking in Faith.

After my divorce, the pastor thought it would be a good idea if I went to another church. It was like having two divorces as I said goodbye to friends and my church family. I skipped a week of church, and woke up the following Sunday. I didn't have any idea where to go. I got dressed, and was listening to worship music – in fact I listened to worship music every waking hour and left it playing all night long. I got dressed and decide to get in the car and go for a drive.

I was trying to think of churches where I night know someone from a conference. I had already attended most of the churches within 45 minutes of my home. I let out a sigh, “Lord where should I go?” I knew I would have to get on the highway to go anywhere, so I did. Exit 6, Exit 5, Exit 4, Exit 3 – “pull off here I heard a voice say.” It had been years since I had used this exit for anything. We always took the state road.

At the end of the exit ramp, I started to turn right. “Turn left.” The Holy Spirit said. I thought, “Where am I going? I don’t think I have been this way since I worked at the Camera store in the mall in 1989. I drove down that road and continued on past the next traffic signal.

At the next light there were only two choices, left or right. “Which way?” I asked the Lord.

“Go straight”, He said. I looked at the sign across the intersection. It was a small road for an elementary school. (B on the Google Map) The light changed to green and I went straight. I drove down the little tree-lined street which went on for about a half mile. As I rounded the bend I saw a white utility van parked near the front doors. I pulled up and unloading a podium and a sandwich board sign was man that I had met in Connecticut the year before at the Word and Spirit conference.

He greeted me with a huge smile, and in his Icelandic accent, said “I am glad you are here.”

I couldn’t think of his name right away, but I remembered riding to a meeting with him and a mutual friend a year or two before. “What’s going on here, I asked?”

“We are preparing for church. We planted one here about seven months ago.” I must have looked a little lost. He asked gently. “What are you doing here?”

I sat there in my red Volkswagen looking at him though the passenger’s window. “I don’t know how to begin.” I said....

Here is a Google Map - the road actually has a name on the map Bill Richard's Drive, and is unknown in Google - go figure.

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Charlie's Church of Christ said...

yes yes yes more stories! I am a story fiend!

photogr said...


Amazing how when we listen to God, things happen for the best.

Tracy said...

OK, once I got over being upset at the pastor of your church kicking you out when you were down, I was excited to read what God did. He is so good!

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