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Conversion Stories: Congregational Church to Charismatic Episcopalian

On Friday, to my surprise, my questionnaire on conversion was featured on Oh Me of Little Faith, a blog written by Jason Boyett. His focus was on folks that switch religions, or make substantial changes within Christianity. One of his blogs was about a senior pastor that dropped out of church altogether. Another was from a Southern Baptist that converted to Mormonism. Those are some dramatic changes. What I found interesting were the reasons that each one gave for dumping their church.

Below is an except, and HERE is a link to the full blog. Be sure to leave a comment for Jason!

Congregational Church to Charismatic Episcopalian

Please describe the conversion experience or process:
I had received Christ a few years earlier. It was genuine, and real. Truthfully, I didn't really know what to do with my conversion. I was glad I had it, and I was growing in the word, but it was more like spiritual jewelry.
There I sat across from Father Folsom at his desk in the Spring of '82. I had my NIV Bible and the book, 9 o'Clock in the Morning in my lap. We exchanged the standard greetings. I told him how I had met the Lord a few years before, and how I gotten sober in AA. I couldn't wait to put the book on his desk; at the first opening I did.

"What do you think of this?" I said, half hoping he would tell me it was hogwash, and at the same time being excited that maybe all that supernatural stuff: tongues, prophecy, healing and hearing from God would be true.

He said slowly and cautiously, "I think it is for today's church."

I had a million questions, but all I could blurt out was "Really!"

"Yes." he said.

Before I could think of another question, he asked me, "Is this something that you would like to experience?"

"Yeah!" I said in an excited but very controlled Anglican way.

"Let's go to the altar and pray." he motioned as he got up from his desk.

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HERE is the back story if you missed it on Kingdom Bloggers.


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

such a rock star!

I was quite surprised when I started reading the opening lines of the blog, I was thinking "this sounds like David!"

photogr said...


It is encouraging to read of your experiences. Trully God has chosen and blessed you with the Holy Spirit for a greater purpose.

Sadly, I haven't experienced much as you described lately but I think I am looking in the wrong places.

However, in my youth when I used to attend the tent revivals in Brownsville, Florida near my home, I did experience the miraculous happenings during those revivals.

Oh how I miss those experiences but I do have the memories. Perhaps some day I will find what I am loking for.

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