Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did You Ever Think....

... you'd be here reading a Fire & Grace blog today? What did you think that you would be doing today, 10 years ago, 20 or even 30 if you were alive?

I had all sorts of dreams. I wanted to be a professorial athlete in a couple of sports. My favorites were hockey, motocross and downhill skiing. When I was in high-school I thought of becoming and airline pilot and going to college. Once I had my first taste of entrepreneurship, I wanted to be a successful DOT COM business and make millions.

The problem with all of those dreams? My own limitations; that's what.

I finally discovered that I wasn't smart enough for an Ivy League college (not to mention I didn't have the grades - I mean 222 out of 224 is pretty pathetic). In hockey I lost almost as many teeth as I gave up goals, and two times I had the pole position in motorcycle racing and lost it. I've been writing this blog for nearly 5 years, and well, writing is not going to make me a success.

The world is pretty competitive, yet we all get to fit in somewhere. I had friend who was one of the best architects in the world. He used to say, "there is only enough room on the head of the pin for a few, a very few." I was thinking about success, it has so many different meanings. What you care about it is usually the standard by which you measure success. If it is business, it is usually money or units sold. If you measuring stick is sports, it is winning games or getting the best time or score. I suppose when it is church, it is seats filled, a large congregation, applause after each carefully placed spiritual point or salvations ministered.

This week I was thinking about what is success in God's eyes? I started to come down on myself because because my standards are pretty high, after all I believe the Word of God is serious business! If you are like me at all, you think about where you could have been if you caught this break or made that decision. I know there are lots of folks that seem to have their life together, (rumor has it, none of them are on Facebook!), but what is "together" really?

Sunday I discovered the secret to success. It is hearing God, and doing it. I had a chance to do some prophetic ministry. I am trained in it, but that doesn't mean that I can just do it. Like all spiritual gifts, they require the building up of the spirit. I pray, and it helps to have others praying for me. A lot of circumstances converged Sunday and I began to hear God for others. I had been asked to do the orientation meeting for our newest members. However; you never know what God is going to do, but you show up because you said that you would.

When I am weak He is strong. I know this verse intimately.

It was a small group, and I prophesied over everyone in it. God is awesome! I had never met any of them before, except for one couple; there was no guessing, no leading questions, just trying to repeat what I heard in my spirit. What absolutely humbles me every time, is that God surprises me more than those who get the word. I can't explain it - it is still awesome to me after all these years how God can use someone like me to do this thing.

The coolest part, is that there is no applause, no paycheck, nothing - just me and God, and his people.

I was very thankful on my ride home, and more thankful that the words were received (people not liking what God says is another blog). I simply praised God - in fact I worshiped him on the way home. I love Jesus s much, and when I get to use my gifts to love on His people there is no greater success.

It was then, as I was just enjoying the presence of God on the way home that I finally understood what success is. It is hearing the voice of God and doing it - and being blown away at the results knowing that I couldn't make this stuff up in a million years. More success? I looked back over my life and saw that times when I was certain that God spoke to me and acted on it; those were some pretty special times! NI fact, they eclipse anything that I have done academically, in business, or even creatively.

How about you, are you a success?


Tracy said...

Appreciate how you point out that the problem with all those dreams is your limitations. More and more in these last few years, I'm seeing success in terms of obedience and relationships (with God and people). Results are Gods; sometimes He blesses over and above, and sometimes it doesn't look as if anything happens.

photogr said...

I have had more success in the last 2 or 3 years than I could have ever imagined. Perhaps it was because I put my issues and trust in God to lead me in my wanderings.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

sounds like that's what you'll want engraved on your tomb stone - "hearing God and doing it" I've heard that once or twice from you.

though this wasn't the point of your post - I think competition and religion don't mix very well, because they become very self-interested and therefore self-serving, and I think you can already see the flaw in that - at least in the way of Jesus, can't speak for other religions.

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