Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fixing the Church from Your Pew - Part 3 of Many

More on fixing the church from your pew...

I often wonder how large portions of the New Testament are ignored in terms of things like what is permissible in a service? The most important item that we can bring to church besides our backside, is faith. In order to fix church when we are not leaders, we need faith. I guess a good question is this: what in fact builds our faith? There are a couple of elements to building faith, and I will talk about those.

-1 Hearing the Word of God: If the church is broken, it is because we don't know how to have faith in God's word, or we do not know how to hear God. I am not certain that they are one in the same, but for our part in getting the church to turn the corner, we need to hear God, either from His word, or from some other revelatory source.

Romans 10:17So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

-2 Witnessing the Power of God: You know, God is pretty awesome. Maybe you are not aware of that fact each time you sit in church flipping through Facebook on your smart-phone; but it's true! One of the easiest way to know that God is awesome is to see him do something powerful. I am not talking about parlor tricks, but real stuff, like healing, sending demons in a a herd of pigs, or saving a sinner that was a scoffer before.

If you aren't seeing God do anything supernatural, I suggest visiting another church. Until you are the one with the anointing for the power, then you'll need to be somewhere to build your faith.

The is why John said this: John 3:11Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen.

The church will not be fixed until God is allowed to do something in it. Amen? At our church we pray for the folks sitting next to us almost weekly. And some times God does stuff!

-3 Testimonies: Right up there with the written and living word of God is testimonies of God's power and grace.

Has God done something for you? Start telling everyone that you know. Turn to the person in the pew next to you, and tell them how great your God is. Not having a great week, ask them this: "Tell me why God is so awesome?"

Revelation 12:11They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.

How about you, are you involved in listening to God, sharing your faith in what God can do with others, and seeking Him out where He is empowering others to do sign and wonders and healing? If not, why not?

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photogr said...

Well personally God has done many wonders for me. From medical and cancer scares to near fatal racing accidents. I am convinced that He had a hand in sparing me for some reason which He hasn't informed me of yet.

How ever, what I seek now is to be a witness to healings, power of the Holy Spirit, miracles, and prophesy. Unfortunately, I don't see much of that any more since the old tent revivals back in the days of my youth. I can't even find churches even hosting a revival around here.

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