Friday, March 18, 2011

Glory and Sadness

Thank God for Heaven!

I have recently lost four people that were part of my life at various times. I wrote about my friend Curtis in February. I wrote about the man that was like a Father to me me at one time - he's gone too. Wednesday I went to lookup a pastor from Romania that was close to me during my divorce over 10 years ago. We had thousands of emails over the years - I found his obituary.  And a fellow high school teammate also passed away. (I haven't even finished this post, and today another high school classmate lost the battle with cancer today, Thursday.)

For some odd reason, my Yahoo account which I have had since they day they came online in 1998 or 1999 has started sending random emails from January of 2000; probably because I have 25,000 emails in my inbox. They made me think that I had not heard from a couple of folks in a long time. Through the wonder of the Internet we've kept up for years. A little sad was the fact that one of their eBay accounts is still online - and there seller comments went from great to negative almost exactly the day they died. I am sure if their email accounts still exists, that is where my last few unanswered notes are too - out there in cyberspace connected to no one.

The good news is that some of their pictures have been preserved on the 'Net too. I found that sort of comforting.

Today I am sad.

I don't really have a point to make today. It is glorious when saints go to Heaven. It's just a little tough when we don't get to say goodbye.


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

when it comes to death you don't need to make a grand point or paint a message - it's such a hollowing experience and the worst part about it is you have to sit in it in order to be able to move on from it. Be comforted today David.

photogr said...

The main reason I never say goodby to any one. I always say I will see you later or in the hear after. Goodby seems to final.

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