Monday, April 11, 2011

5 1/2 Reasons Why You Need Friends

As you already know from my two anemic posts last week, I spent just about all of it in the hospital. Later this week I will post a more formal account now that I have had a little rest, and a chance to think. While I was laying there with IVs and monitors, I received a few visitors, had a few phone calls, and received lots of Facebook posts and a few emails. It is certainly at times like these were you need to count on a few friends, and your church family.

Here are 5 1/2 reasons that you need friends!

-1 Facebook: If you don't have friends, you can't have any pudding. (Obscure Pink Floyd ref) Without friends,  even cyber-friends, you can't tell anyone that things aren't going too good. Sometimes life is a little scary, and it helps to have some support and encouragement.

If you are as lucky as I am to know Dave T. and Tony C, online relationships are more amazing than I would have thought. Tony is a listener and an encourager. And that boy can pray! Dave is just one of the bothers, but he can pray, and every time we talk, he does. In fact I have never had a friend that prays for me like Dave does.

-2 Encouragement: Unless you have the friends of Job, they'll usually try to make you feel better about whatever is going on; if not, they are not friends. Friends make you feel invincible when you know your not even close.

-3 Support: Friends try help you get thought whatever it is that you need to get through. They do what you can't, or find someone who can. I used to have a friend. Whenever I needed help on the house (we moved during our friendship), he was always available to put hands and feet to the project.

-4 Be There: Friends are just there. Each situation in life requires different types of energy to solve. In some situations there is absolutely nothing that can be done. Friends can just walk though it together.

-5 Prayer: We needs friends that can pray for us. As Christians, without prayer, we can easily lose our lifeline to Heaven; especially in the tough times.

-5 1/2 Love - you need friends to love, it's good for your heart!

What kind of friend are you?


Tony C said...

Praying for others is, to me, one of the greatest blessings God bestows upon us.

Loved the Pink Floyd reference...

Arny said...

I think ima 1-5...i'd like to things so. if not...shoot me now!!!

Great post david...

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

unless you have friends like Job... you haven't lost anything David well done that made me laugh. not sure if was intended to, but it did. Glad to hear people didn't let you down.

photogr said...

Well you are beginning to write again. That is a sign of improvement.

Take care.

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