Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hearing God - A Short Story

I often talk about being led by the Spirit. A lot of people think that if they read a Bible verse and it fits what they want to do next, it is God. There are so many doctrines and versus that you can debate in the Bible. I have heard both sides of lots of issues. Isn't that what denominations are, people that disagree on certain versus in the Bible, or place more importance or certain versus? There are those that debate if there could be an apostle in this day and age, if you can really speak in tongues, are there idiots in the church, can believers be possessed by demons... if you ask me, that answer is yes to all of them... but certainly they are debatable.

I guess, I was thinking about times when I was sure that I heard God. A few years ago my kids wanted to go to a conference about 120 miles from the house. The registration fee for the three of us was nearly $100; plus the price of food and gas. I had heard so many good things about Acquire the Fire, that I wanted them to go... and me too! I talked it over with my wife who says "yes" to just about anything she thinks I will like. As we talked, I saw she had a lot of concern about the cost. I was about to cancel the outing, thinking that $100 was a little extravagant for this time in our life, when I head the Lord say, "just go, I will take care of it." I did not know how it was going to happen, but I felt that it was going to be taken care of. So, the girls and I got in the car an headed for the conference over 100 miles away.

We arrived there a little early and walked into the arena area where we enjoyed the first meeting. At the end of the meeting and the music, we saw a friend of ours from church. We got to talking about how good the conference was. The topic of the cost of the conference came up, and we realized that we didn't have wrist bands. "How did you ever get in without them!", she exclaimed. "They have five or six people checking at every door for them." We never even saw anyone selling them, nor did anyone check us when we went in. (Sometimes day meetings are free at these type of events, I honestly did give it a thought.)

Just before the second meeting, absolutely not wanting to sneak in, we went to a table where they were selling the wrist bands. I went over to see what it was going to cost for the rest of the day. They were charging the full admission price for the entire weekend; one meeting was the same as the entire conference. I spoke the to gal at the table and told her that I was sorry that we had gone into the meeting earlier without knowing about the wristbands. She said that it would not be a problem, but that we couldn't go in like that again.

"Thank you anyway," I said. I went to the girls to tell them we were leaving. I didn't even have $100 if I wanted to stay. They seemed a little disappointed, but they understood that it was expensive for me at that time. They started to say how much they had gotten out of the first meetings' dramas, message and worship. We headed for the door when the the gal from the table said that God had told her to just give us the wristbands. I told her that she didn't have to. She held them out and said, "You know we never do this. Ever!"

I told her again, that she didn't have to and that we had just enjoyed being there for the time we already had. She insisted that we take them. One more time I said, "are you sure?" She simply said, "God bless you," and held them out for the us to take.

Then I heard the Lord say, "I told you I would take care of this."

The voice of God is a wonderful and sometimes scary thing. However; we have His assurance that we will hear His voice and know it." The rest of the meetings were really life changing for the kids. They still talk about some of the things they heard that day. Me, I am just glad that God speaks to His people.. and especially me. On the way home, I thanked God that He had made way for us to be there.

Hearing God should be common place in the church. How does God speak to you?


Arny said...

Wow...awesome story david! I've never been to aquire the fire but I remember they where hot and heavy in my younger

I have been many concerts though!

of course not any that God paid the tab on! lol...

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Great story, David. Some people seem to have those kinds of stories all the time. For me, they're once in a while, but it's always amazing confirmation of God's grace.

Andrea (on-dray-ah) York said...

Love, love, love your story of God's miraculous providence and grace.

I hear God like that too but it's tough living with an unbeliever who doesn't have a grid for faith.

The hardest thing I've heard in a while was to let go of my desire to send my son to Christian private school. I felt very clearly the Lord saying, "Let it go, I've got him covered." We didn't have the money to send my son to private school but I could have/would have made it work but it was causing me some anxiety. Public school option was also causing anxiety (and still does); I keep reminding God about his promise when things are going backwards.

David-FireAndGrace said...

@Arny - yeah, God is amazing; I never seem to know what he will do next! Thanks for reading along, partner.

@Matt - we all have a different ways of communicating with God. If we know Him, he will speak to us in one way or another. If we spend time with Him, he will speak to us more and more - that's why it is called a relationship. :) You have really spent a lot of time with God as part of your upbringing, maybe you don't need as much support as I do. ;)Thanks for reading along,Matt.

@Andrea - wow, it is hard in a relationship where ones seems to be the ears of God, and the other doesn't seem to get it. I continue to pray that my family will hear his voice. I don't always have to be their ears too. But is sure can' be lonely some days. Blessings to you.

photogr said...

Some times it is words, others it is incidents that happen. Either way, I have daily thoughts or prayers with God. That is when I Get most of my messages or He presents an incident for me to act upon.

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