Friday, September 9, 2011

5 1/2 Getting Down

I have some good news today!

Here is where I am heading!
The good news is after prayer at church my viral panel came back negative, completely healed! As I wrote about a few months back, after being called out with a word of knowledge at church: "someone with a weak heart", 3 days later I had a confirmed echo-cardiogram showing my heart was back to normal.

Two healings, two major ones! Wow!

I have found that I have two more health hurdles, and I expect the same from God. One of them is potentially serious, while the other is just a knee injury for which I am getting and MRI for later today.

You can pray for both issues if you like.

The other good news is that I am down 60 pounds from working out, and eating a bit differently. I have 25 to go.

Here are 5 1/2  things I am looking forward too:

1 Buying new shoes that tie, now that i can see my feet.

2 Putting on my old 32x34 black jeans.

3 Not wearing 40x32 pants with elastic waist bands.

4 Putting on a regular length tie that does not miss my belt line by 4 inches.

5 Getting completely off my blood pressure medication! (I am half way there)

5 1/2 Never seeing my weight start with "2"

Tell us about a change in your life that you are happy about?!


Susan Shuford said...

Hooray! Glory to God!

photogr said...

Well it is good to see you getting back your health. Good luck on getting down to a 32 waist goal. I haven't seen that size since College.

I pray all else will work out fine.

Take care.

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