Monday, September 19, 2011

The New Direction

If you look back over the years of posts here at Fire & Grace, you'll see that God is at work in my life. I am going somewhere, and the next step is pretty well established. I am teaching at the Apostolic School. It is really what I love to do. In addition, it looks like there are some other opportunities as well. I could not be more excited!

So what is the new direction?

David is taking a new direction in his walk with Christ - no I am not going to become a Buddhist or a recluse, praying night and day - I am being promoted - the Lord has called me to some other areas of the Kingdom which have been on my heart for years! Like any good web site, no one wants to read all the fine print, so here are some FAQs:

Q. Are you quitting blogging?

A. Mostly, yes.I have been writing blogs since 2005, and there are now over 1000 of them on the Internet somewhere. I am sure you haven't read them all. In addition my weekly contribution on Kingdom Bloggers, the ones I have written on my own site, Fire & Grace, and recently post a few wise cracking blogs about weight loss on, there is lots of me to go around for some time to come.

Q. What will you be doing with your extra few hours a week?

A. It's a good question. I am devoting more time to teaching and ministry, which; is a great honor, privilege and joy. I had a prophetic word about returning to my second love (ministry over a year ago), it is just time. I have written a second book (the first one is free online HERE) which is out for editing. I hope to publish it as soon as I can afford to.

On a personal level, I am taking care of my health, my marriage, and my family. The heart trauma put a stress on every area of my life. I get up and run 2 miles pretty much everyday, and have dinner with my family every night. It's all good.

I will be posting from time to time - but there won't be a schedule for now.

Q. How can find out how all that is going on with David?

A. You can follow me on Twitter (or my ministry), that is the best way. I am going to be writing 140 character blogs on a regular basis, as well as updating those who care. You be able to see my progress working in the Kingdom, the details of my new book, and probably what I had for dinner - I often post grill pictures! Facebook is a good option too- but that is more about posting pictures of my family with goofy expressions.

Q. Will you miss blogging?

A. Of course I will, but what I loved about it the most was the people, not the words. Please stay in touch, and be blessed. As soon as the Lord gives me a street address in Heaven, I will be sure to post it. Until then, you can find me at

Q. Is there anything else?

A. Yes, the teaching and ministry requires travel, and I could use your prayer support. A couple of people asked if they could give financially, and the answer is yes. I need a plane ticket for late October.


photogr said...

I knew this day would soon come and am happy for your new ventures led by God.

Praise God and pray that He blesses you in your new journey. You will be living the dreams of an old guy that should have said yes years ago instead of no.

Take care


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

whoa David. Gotta admit I'm a bit surprised. But you sound more reasonable than you ever have ;p so I'll trust ya. Hope to hear from you every now and again.

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