Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apostolic Reform

I have written many times about issues in the church, but today I want to offer some solutions for free! You may download a copy of my book.

How good/pertinent is my book? Well, I'd love for you to have a copy and give me some feed back. But before you do, here is what my friend Mark had to say.

David is part of a emerging generation of Equippers. Apostolic Reform takes a look at the 5-fold ministry with fresh eyes. The book opens the conversation about the importance for New Testament churches and leadership models. This book is a good introduction to the reformation happening in the Ecclesia at this hour. The focus of the book is the Body being equipped and coming forth to fulfill her destiny.

I recommend that all believers read this book at allow it to challenge you toward a fuller understanding of Apostolic Reformation and Kingdom living.

- Sr. Leader Village Church, NH

They say a picture paints a thousand words; likewise, without using many words, this
work by David details the 5-Fold ministry gifts of the church, and lays a foundation for a
much needed discussion concerning Apostolic reform. Projecting a vision which honors
the gifts God has placed in others, and activating them in the framework of a relational
team, reinforces the supernatural origins of the 5-Fold.

History reveals that "small unknowns" have both challenged and defeated giants. While this mini-book may look small, it contains revelation of a topic which can topple non-relational, institutionalized religion, which has held relational power infused Christianity captive for centuries. As my dad, who being small in stature says, "I may look small in size, but I am a big man inside", likewise this book contains greatness.

My hope is that church leadership will catch the heart of this work, embrace its contents, and begin a much needed discussion towards change.

- Daryl Nicolet, Sr. Leader, Faith Worship Center Pepperell, MA

Download Apostolic Reform - A Fresh Look at the 5-Fold Ministry right HERE.

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photogr said...

Quite a well put together article and a good guide for one to set up the 5 fold ministry.

Haven't read it all the way through yet but will as time permits.

Now if some of the churches here would follow this principle.

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