Monday, October 3, 2011

Prophetic School

I just finished teaching a Prophetic School at my church in which there were 60-75 students. It was exciting to see people that have never met one another, deliver a message with amazing accuracy; some of them for the first time in their lives.

I want to share a couple of other things which were pretty cool.

My friend, Mark Sanchez came down to the school along with my brother Lee and they were wonderful - edifying, and a real blessing.  They are a great prophetic team. I am looking forward to ministering with them again in the future.

Another of my life events started when I felt I was supposed to go to a conference with my pastor. A year later I received a phone call from a guy that I have never met face-to-face, but we have talked to on the phone. His name is Bill Miracle. He called me about a month or so ago, and said: "One of us is going to California." We talked for a little bit and I received the word.

A few weeks later, I was asked by my pastor to attend a conference in California. I committed to go without having the funds to get there. My friends had been  praying for a plane ticket. Not long after I received a word from a woman that I also have not met face-to-face; she lives in Vancouver. Here is her Facebook message to me on September 22:

"David, I was praying for you this afternoon, and I felt God say that the money for your ticket was going to come from your church, an honorarium, for teaching the course, perhaps?

I could have heard wrong (it's happened lots before), but I'm practicing hearing God and I have faith for you. Let me know how God provides."

At the end of the school, my pastor decided to do an offering. It was unusual because I attend the church and do classes for them all the time. In all the classes I have done we have never had an offering - well until this one. It was enough to fund my trip and also my wife as well.

I'll let you know how things go in California!


photogr said...


This is great news. Seems the Good Lord does look out for your needs. have a great trip.

I like the idea of a prophetic school but is it factual that you either have the gift of prophesy or do not? I don't think I have the gift but some times I get a surprise and know about some one before they speak. Mostly I think it is just I was able to read their body language.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Yes Larry, but the there is a believers level of prophetic which means that sometimes God will tell you stuff if you are listening. :)

photogr said...

rounawWell David, that has happened a limited few times with me over the last three years. I had written about a couple experiences. I was listening then and it still happens occasionally but for some reason I am reluctant to expound on prophesy for fear of being wrong.

I definitely am not a prophet or have the gift but I do listen for His words to guide me.

Andrea York said...

David, because you're not writing regularly, I'm not checking your blog but I did this morning. It's such a great testimony and I've shared it several times, too. God is so good; I'm disappointed that we aren't going to be in Redding at the same time. I would have particularly loved to meet your family.

@photogr: I'm not a prophet either but I am prophetic. I've recently been learning this.

Before, like you, it was a one-off. I would 'know' something but those experiences were not regular for me. Now, through some training through prophetic schools (like the one David taught, Elisha & Elijah mention prophetic schools too, so they existed long before my time), I realize that we are ALL prophetic - meaning we can all hear God. IF we are listening.

Now it's not a rare experience but something that happens regularly, although I am still wrong at times but I'm learning to discern the voice of God correctly. You can do it too.

photogr said...

Andrea: Sorry for so late in my reply.

It is possible you do already have the gift of prophesy but you are just beginning to fully experience it more frequently.

I didn't really begin to become introduced to the gifts untill just a couple years ago in research through books by Jack Deere, Smith Wigglesworth, and others. So this is new territory for me. I had been associated with religions that did not embrace the gifts or felt they were not valid in today's faith.

It is possible we all have prophetic tendencies but we are only the vessels edifying God's spoken words to us.

Althogh I embrace the gifts, I am reluctant to admit to having any. Carries too much responsibility to be handled lightly.

My biggest fear is glorifying my self rather than glorifying God if I did possess any gifts.

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