Friday, October 7, 2011

My Destiny, and the Passing of Steve Jobs

I had a friend that wept when Ansal Adams, the famous landscape photographer, passed away. Some famous people that I have identified with in life have passed on during my life time: Keith Moon of the Who, Stevie Ray Vaughn of Double Trouble, Tommy Bolin of the James Gang and now Steve Jobs.of Apple.

I never met Keith, or Tommy Bolin, but I did meet SRV in New York in the 80s. I also met Steve Jobs in Boston in the early 90s. He was talking about the Internet, and his user-friendly Linux operating system NEXTStep. He had been banished from Apple and was not far from his alliance with Pixar (Toy Story etc.) NEXT was perfect, yet like so manything Steve Jobs, too far advanced for the average person.

Steve was just plain intense. Check out the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Why am I emotional about the death of Steve Jobs? Well, 4 reasons.

-1 I think he was a genius because of his innovation. One does not need an IQ of a bajillion to be innovative. Certainly we owe every cool advancement in computers from the mouse, to the iPad to Apple. Microsoft and Google pale in comparison to innovation. I'm just sayin'

-2 The most amazing ad during a Superbowl.

-3 God used Steve's invention, the Macintosh to change my life, my career, and give me a testimony. It was even prophesied. HERE is the story of me, God and a Macintosh (pictured upper right).

-4 Eternity: I am not a universalist, and I don't think I will be seeing Steve in heaven. That makes me sad. Life is but a vapor, be eternity is a long, long time.

I would like to add that cancer sucks, and just maybe, Steve had an epiphany.

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