Monday, January 16, 2012

5-Fold School of Ministry

This past weekend was the first of a 2 part 5-Fold School of Ministry. I was a great time in which we covered the the role of the pastor and prophet as equippers in the church.

Pastor Stephen Russell laid out the principals of 5-fold pastoring which included the attributes of protection and  nurturing a local flock. He also talked about confronting unbecoming behavior in the church. I loved his passion for his place in the Kingdom. In addition the team covered the following:

- Caring for the Sheep
- Deliverance
- Healing
- Wholeness
- Feeding the Sheep

My brother, Lee Johndrow spoke for the part of the class on the prophet. He did an excellent job talking about accuracy, faith, and the trials of those that occupy this role in the church. I addition we covered:

- What is Prophecy
- The Prophet
- The Gift of Prophecy (charisma)
- The Role of a Prophet (doma)
- Receiving/Judging Prophecy
- How to Prophesy

If you are in Southern New England, and are free on February 3 and 4th, we'll be doing part 2 and talking about the Evangelist, the Apostle and the the Teacher.

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Tracy said...

God is so good. I'm blessed to have been reading your blog off and on for the last few years and been able to read of God's faithfulness to you. I remember when you were a man who knew God's spirit and His gifts in your life, but were in a time in your life when you didn't see Him using you. Now here you are leading seminars and going on new missions trips!

Unknown said...

"Fire & Grace" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

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