Sunday, December 13, 2009

America; about to be Railroaded Again! - Weigh In, Don't Check Out

Today's blog is for Americans. I don't know if you've been watching, but the debate of health care reform is at a boil. I don't care which side of the debate you are on, we NEED health care reform. It needs to be affordable, cover all Americans, and most of all be fair to taxpayers!

I don't want to pay anymore than I am already paying in taxes. How about you?

The current bill in the senate is not any of those things: it is not fair, it doesn't cover all Americans, and it is not affordable - nor does it lower costs. The Senate is pushing around the numbers, somehow hoping that we'll not be aware of the details and they can pass it in the middle of the night. This is not a rant, but a serious discussion on what is about to happen to you; well, if you live in America.

A true democracy requires the input of the people in it. How do I nicely say, "get off you butt and participate -- in Jesus' name!" You need to be praying, listening, discerning and most of all voting - and when you can't, sending emails, faxes and letters. I know, I have said this before.

Here is why you need to weigh in, instead of checking out. As I have previously written, Massachusetts legally (but in a sleezy way) appointed a successor to Democrat Ted Kennedy. That you had no control over - we didn't get to vote here either. Why it matters is that he is the 60th vote in the senate for health care, thus giving the Democrats a majority that cannot be beaten. I am not against Democrats, but I am against being railroaded by folks that could care less about me and you.

The only reason that we need to win, is that we are jamming through a bill that is flawed, it is not understood by many, and costly. Worse, we will be taxed for 4 years before it ever covers anyone new! Would it not be better to take a year or two and get it right? Then we could start it immediately. I don't know about you, but that seems to make sense to me.

What can you do? In Massachusetts we will elect a new Senator to represent you in January! Every Senator regardless of the state in which they come from, represents all Americans. There are 100 of them, and their majority vote is equal to that of the President, or the House of Representatives. One vote in this case can mean the difference between thoughtful debate and sane solutions, as opposed to power-grabbing legislation that is unfair and costly to all Americans.

How can you help? By encouraging folks that can vote in MA, to vote. And writing your senators about your feeling on health care, taxes, Cape and Trade and anything else that matters to you, your family and future generations.

The unfortunate truth is that many of the power grabbers in the "bluest state" run unopposed. Unseating Ted Kennedy was impossible for over 25 years! There is a chance now that Martha Coakley will be opposed by Scott Brown.

Even if you don't care about politics, you might be interested in her stances on social issues that matter to Christians.

Lastly, based on the primaries we had a few weeks ago, millions of voters in MA did not vote. Losing the fight is one thing, but forfeiting one is unacceptable.

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photogr said...

it is certainly every Christian's duty to vote in the elections and make their voice heard in Washington about a so called health care provision.

Touting apathy and saying I am waiting for the rapture is only a cop out. God wants us to fight for our liberties while we are here on earth too. If we did that with the taking God out of the schools and public places we would have been serving him but we didn't speak out for Him. Thus I would think He may not recognize many of us in judgement times.

The health care bill is compiled of many provisions to ration health care to some and deny it to others all the while giving it to others free that are not citizens of this country.You have to go to a DMV agency to have determined if you will be allowed a health care provision? All the while, it is a diversion to rapidly escilate higher taxes and increased premium cost for health care with less coverage and rationed out at that.

I have written my objections many times to my representatives in Washington but one has his nose so far up Obamas back end that he worships him as a god and refuses to hear what his voters are saying. The other one is a Republican and promises a good fight to block the bill in the senate.

The next election for the representatives in our state comes up in 2010. I will not forget.

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