Friday, April 23, 2010

Mission Possible - Part 2

Well, if you are not going on a mission for a specific reason, rationalization or excuse outlined in Part 1, then maybe you need some motivation to start thinking about why you might go. I do know that some folks are called to missions, but every Christian should do a short term project or two to serve someone else.

Reasons to go on a Mission

- It’s biblical. Starting Genesis, the purpose of mankind was to populate the earth and be fruitful. "Go into all the world spreading the good news." The great commission might be you neighbor or a small village in the South Pacific.
- The Gospel has not been preached to every human being, you might be just the person to show up and close the deal.
- Because there are lots of poor folks in other countries that need to be served – and many are much poorer than in the folks in the US. It really does change your perspective on "stuff." MORE BTW - Missions are not just to poor folks. When I lived on Cape Cod we had a pretty bad hurricane and a group of folks came up from South Carolina to patch roofs, cut fallen trees and make converts in the midst of middle class America. They put on meetings every night, made friends, and brought souls to Christ.
- Being where many of us are it’s easy to get complacent and missions can refocus us. For some, it's easier to focus on the Gospel when we're not at home or work - breaking the routine can get us closer to the Lord.
- Although missions are not vacations (that's a bad reason to go), they can give you time to focus on spiritual things and be an opportunity to use your gifting. A good mission leader will concentrate on devotions, prayer and relationships with the team members.
- Most Christians know that serving the Lord is the most rewarding work that anyone can do. (It always amazes me that certain ministry workers get burned out - and I suspect they are simply doing what they know how to do, not what they are called to do.)
- Go because God called you.

I am sure there are bad reasons to go - but they are all the same bad reasons that make people religious right here at home.

Need some ideas on short term missions. Click HERE.

Been on a mission, tell us about it. Thinking about one, let us know.

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