Wednesday, July 7, 2010

God Shortens the Miles

Since I wrote my very first couple of blogs, I have been of the mind that God's people should be giving glory to God for their miracles, not me. I still feel like that is true. MORE on that. I did however; in my recent studies, come across this verse.

Daniel 4:2 It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.

So, once again, I am going to brag about my Jesus!

I heard John Paul Jackson talking about translation (time travel), and how God shortened the miles for him and Bob Jones one time. One day, not long after, I had a chance to use that story, as a basis for my own faith.

In 2001 my friend from church, Will, needed a ride from Air Station Cape Cod, in Sandwich, MA to T. F. Green airport in Providence, RI. He was going to see his wife after a long separation. The trip is exactly 70.1 miles. His flight was scheduled to leave at 5:05 pm for SC. I arrived at his apartment on the base at 2:50 pm (by the clock on the dashboard) as he was supposed to meet me at 3. He sped in at 3:47, grabbed his suitcase, and we took off - well, after I stopped for a little gas. We passed gate security at 4:01.

He was disheartened; sure he'd miss his plane. After all we'd have to average 70 mph to get there with 4 minutes left to spare. Even with a small airport - there was security and possible a line at the ticket desk.

At a traffic light I said let's pray. "Lord, we need you to hold up that plane, or shorten the miles. Amen" Will  joined me in an faint "amen." The light changed and I raced off McAurther Blvd. towards the Interstate. We made good time on I-195, my little Honda pushing between 65 and 75 mph - on average it looked like we could make it on time - well to the parking lot.

We had almost made it to the intersection of I-95 in Providence; about 9 miles from the airport when we hit rush hour traffic on the bridge - it was stop-and-go. Will used my cell to see if the flight was leaving on time - it was. The time, 4:51. "Lord we ask you again to shorten the miles. Amen" I prayed.

I dodged traffic for what seem like an eternity trying to get every inch of pavement behind us.

We raced into the airport and it was 4:56. Will, just looked at me in amazement - "PRAISE GOD" he yelled. Gave me a quick hug, and ran to the gate. He caught his fight which left on time.

God - is so good.

Hebrews 2:4 God also testified to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will.
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photogr said...


I don't think God shortened the miles or time for you and Will.

What I think He did was to distract the Highway patrol with other duties so you wouldn't get stopped for speeding, made a clear path on the highway so you wouldn't get in a wreck, put up traffic congestion to slow you down, and still allowed you time to get there.

That would have been more logical.

David said...

Yes Larry - but we made it 9 miles in 5 minutes in stop and go rush hour traffic. Even at 65, which was impossible, wold not have been fast enough, we averaged about 100 mph.

It's not logical, its a miracle.

photogr said...

Unbelievable David. At least the good Lord was looking after you and Will.

I trust you both wore seat belts, crash helments, and had a roll cage in the car just in case.

Tracy said...

God is good!! I never cease to be amazed that the all mighty creator of the universe is concerned about the intimate details of our lives. Thanks for sharing this story, it is encouraging

Tony C said...

Ask, and it shall be given you...

What a gift from God to allow us the privilege to ask that comes with a promise of delivery.

I think the reason we often fail to ask is a real testament to faith...or lack thereof.

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