Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Thankful Today

On Monday, April 4th I was admitted to the Heart Trauma Center with congestive heart failure. You can read that story HERE.

On Tuesday my pastor drove down to visit me. I was on 12 liters of oxygen per hour. Daryl and I had a nice chat, and he prayed for me just before he left. As he prayed I could feel the anointing of God and I had a picture (internal vision) in my spirit. It was my heart and swirling around it were my heart enzymes. In that still small voice I heard the Lord say, "You will completely recover." I shared it with Daryl and he agreed, "I am not worried" he said.

I made tremendous progress that day. My ejection fraction went from the 20s to the high 30s!

Five days later I was home, although I went back the following day due to chest pain.

Nearly a month passed and I was recovering at home; resting, exercising, and eating right. One Sunday morning I took a shower and was heading for the YMCA to do my tri-weekly mile on the treadmill. It was 5 minutes to nine, the Mother's Day breakfast in bed was a success, and I wanted to get to the local church for the 10:30 service. I heard the Lord prompt me, "Go to the 9 o'clock service." I swapped my sweat pants for a pair of jeans and headed to the Vineyard.

I sat through the acoustic worship, then a sermon on forgiveness - you know, the f-bomb. Both were introspective. I was in the lobby getting ready to leave and one of the elders gave a word of knowledge. "There is someone here this morning with a weak heart which I believe God wants to heal." I didn't even hear him, but a woman that I know came and got me. I went up for prayer. There were only about 20 people there that morning, and God had a plan for David!

A few days later I sat in the cardiologist’s office. I could hear the nurse whispering to an aide. "Oh my God!" At first I thought something was wrong. I later found out that she had been comparing my EKG from the day I was admitted to the ICU to the one from my appointment that day, and there was a drastic difference! The cardiologist confirmed it with my echo-cardiogram saying that my heart function was now completely normal!

In fact, I went for my 6 month check up a few days and he said not only was my heart completely normal, but that I had made a full recovery.

Today I am thankful life itself.

What are you thankful for?


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

awesome stuff!!!

photogr said...

The Lord played a large role in your healing and recovery because of your faith and others prayers.

That is one powerful testamony.

I am just thankful for what the Lord has done for me even though I do not deserve it.

drawingcloser said...

Praise the Lord He is our healer! God bless you brother

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