Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mission Possible the 12 Steps - Part 3

If you are out of excuses and thought about what a mission trip might be like, than maybe you're ready to see what the next steps are. What I love about God is that once we hand over the keys in certain areas of our lives, He is able to get a lot of things done. Here are some practical steps for heading in the direction of Christian missions.

-1 We admitted that God was right and we were wrong. We could do this in His strength.

-2 We sought God in prayer not trying to figure out how any of this would come about.

-3 We asked a few trusted friends to pray too. We didn't ask their advice - just prayer.

-4 We got a passport in faith.

-5 We prayed about where we should go - did a little research online - and and kept the eyes of our heart open.

-6 We read the book of Acts with a new viewpoint.

-7 We looked for mission opportunities and local outreaches - maybe God would illuminate one of those?

-8 We spoke to others about their experiences on a mission trip.

-9 We asked God for specifics like where and when we were to go..

-10 Hopefully we've begun to grow a desire in our heart - looked with expectation for God to ignite a passion for a particular culture or country.

-11 We decided to make it a priority and find a trip that would work for us. We asked for prayer backing and financial support.

-12 We bought a ticket packed our bags - and said. "Oh God, what am I doing!"

Hopefully you had a chance to read Part 1 - Excuses for Not Going and Part 2 - Reasons to Go.

So, are you ready?


Joyce said...

Pack your bags and go -- sounds like a call to go. When are we going?

Tracy said...

As a grateful Al-Anon member, I've always loved the 12 steps. So I appreciate using that as a vehicle to share about growing a heart to be actively involved in missions...very interesting stuff.

BTW-Mentioned how your blog has encouraged me in my post today.

David said...

@Joyce - let's go! (again)

@Tracy - thanks, I have been a 12 stepper of sorts for over 30 years. I don't know that I did them justice - but the real ones saved my life.

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