Monday, June 22, 2009

Greatest Hits Part II

Here is a collection of my most popular Blogs if you haven't read them. Every once in awhile I run though my stats and post the most interesting links. So, here you go, Fire and Grace's most read blogs.


photogr said...

I find my self lately coping with the "gifts" that God offers and the supernatural aspects. I alluded to one on my blog recently about a minister that wanted to pray for my wife where I knew what he was before he told me ( a pastor).

Another instance was with a friend in California that was a NASCAR sports writer a while back. We had just finished talking about her hobby of Equestrian riding. I had warned her to be carefull with the horse she was going to ride. Unfortunately she wasn't. She ended up getting thrown and injured.

Another incident with a neighbor from another street who had a daughter with serious heart problems and had fluid building up on her lungs. The Drs. were saying she may not pull through as there was nothing else they could do. I prayed for her daughter not really thinking it would help and kept in touch all the while praying for her recovery.

Now she is doing better. The Drs. were astounded. They had given up on her. Now all I have to do is win the mother and daughter over to Christ.

There are other instances I could list but am faced with time constraints. To say the least, is this what the "gifts" and the super natural is all about? Certainly new territory for me and a bit scary.

The one thing I have realized is through faith in God, all things are possible. Just let Him lead you.

David said...

That is how it works, Larry.

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