Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best of Fire and Grace 2010

As we spend the final days of 2010 here are my 12 most popular posts for 2010.

January: A Seed is Planted - No More Church As Usual - the beginning of my quest for a more meaningful and vibrant church!

February: Who Gets to Go to Heaven? - Some times we get tangled up in who is good and who is bad. That is not the point at all!

March: Sexual Services, Unions and Health Care - Where Do You Draw the Line? - Just read it! The title says it all.

April: They Are Going to Tax the Rich - what the new health care bill really means beyond all the rhetoric and finger pointing.

May: Don't Touch That Dial - thoughts on rewriting history while omitting the facts.

June: Everybody Thinks They're Right - every Christian thinks they are 100% right, are you one of them?

July: 5 1/2 Things I Don't Think I Need to Hear in Church Again as Long as I Live - the lighter side of common clichés in evangelical preaching.

August: 5 1/2 Ways to be Relevant - in the search for more entertaining church services is it possible we've lost sight of Jesus?

September: Do You Really Need a Miracle? - Do You Even Believe in Them? - how come we continue to deny good character in the decision making process, while balancing that against the supernatural power of God to transform our lives.

October: 10 More Hot Button Church Issues! (Rated With Devils!) - some things that make church a little more dramatic than it needs to be!

November: Gold Dust - God's Glory Manifest - the manifest power of God, where do you stand?

December: My New Mini-Book - the latest revision of my new mini-book!

Did you have a favorite Fire and Grace blog this year? Tell me which one.

See you in 2011! Happy New Year!

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Happy new year David.

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