Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Does it Cost? - The Real Story

Today my friend's child asked for a ride to school, and in jest, he replied, "why do we have kids?" His daughter fired back, "I didn't ask to be born?" Her dad, not to be out done, said, "Well, if you had asked, the answer would have been 'No!'"

I have always wondered what God was thinking was when he "cursed the day he was born." (Job 3) What I do know is that when children sin, God's gives them over to the penalty of sin. (Job 8:4)

I also heard another tale. It was about a man that had made a deposit of $10,000 at a local bank. One day he came to make a withdrawal and the banker seemed a very surprised. "I'm sorry, but I have to confess," said the banker "I didn't think you'd be back for it so soon, and I spent your money on a new bass boat."

Of course, if this had happened to you, you would be upset. Very upset. Even if it happened to someone that you loved, you might feel a sense of righteous anger.

But what if the banker was you? (Malachi 3:6-11)

That fact that we have been Born Again changes our citizenship from this world; to the one of Heaven, it changes our ability to come before God and hopefully it changes our hearts.

The real story is that we are adopted into the Kingdom of God and become His children. We stand in awe of our great King, and yet, we can call him Abba (Aramaic for Daddy).

And as children of God, each one of us is given gifting to carry out His will in our lives, and in the lives of those around us.

I like analogous stories, but I like the parables of Jesus even more. HERE is a good one. (Matthew 25:14-30) If you are a Christian, it's all about where you are right now, and where God wants to take you. God has entrusted us with gifting - how will we spend it?

Maybe you have asked God, "Why was I born?" It is a good question. God, however, might answer it this way. "Because I love you, I want you to be born again, just ask Me. My grace, it's free."

Again, you might ask why? His answers: "Because I have plans for you."

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photogr said...

God does have wonderful plans for all his children if we will only believe. And he adorns us with miraculous gifts to better serve Him.

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