Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fire and Grace Top 100

For over three years I have been writing Fire and Grace, and my readers have their favorites. Here are the top 100 most read blogs from the most popular to the least popular.

Role Of Holy Spirit - Power To Be a Son Or Daughter of God

The Cost Of Following Jesus - For What It's Worth

5 Fold Ministry - Prerequisites Part 1

Poor Or Poor- The Poor of the Bible

Demonic Curses, Oppression and Possession

Rhema! Hearing God Right Now!

5 Fold Ministry - Ephesians 4:11

When Prophetic People Do Stupid Things

My How You've Changed

Glory, Glory Hallelujah He Reigns

Facebook 10 - Commandments Dos And Don'ts

The Perfect Church - No Kidding You're It

Intimacy - A Really Personal Relationship

Nobel Peace Prize - What Is It Really?

Case Against Fundamentalism

The Prophet Part 6 Of 7

Closer Than a Brother - What Is a Friend?

Real Faith - Following Voice Of God

Sound Of Rain - Revelation And You

Parable Of the Water Buffalo - Kids And Cars

God Grant Me the Serenity - Some Things Change

Reaping What We Sow

Water Buffalo - Epilogue

Supernatural Happenings - Know It All

WTF 10 Questions For Social Networkers

Do You Really Need a Miracle?

Seeds Of Division - Unifying the Church

Most Annoying Phrases - Verbal Fatigue

Cancer Prayer Update

Who Is Jesus?

How Can You Tell God Exists? What Atheists Haven't Thought About

Reasons Why Being PC Is Anti-Christian

New Political Vehicle - WWJD

Prayer For Cancer

Power Of Resurrection In Your Life

Embracing the Desert - Understanding Dry Times

More Intellectual BS

Can You Believe It? You May Have Been Railroaded!

The Work Of Ministry - My Boss Is Jewish Carpenter

Some Pages Are Missing From My Bible

OK I'm Mad As Hell - Quagmire Of Stupidity

If God's In Charge, then What?

Grinches Who Came To Christmas - Skinny Santa

Not Sin Not God - Is It OK To Golf?

Top 10 Stupidest Things Christians Do Part 1

The Apostle Part 7 Of 7

Preach the Gospel At All Times and If Necessary Use Words

Til Death Do Us Part - Living Without Regret

Secret Santa and the Yankee Swap

Global Freezing - Record Lows

Top 10 Stupidest Things Christians Do Part 5

6 Foundations Of Spirit Filled Life

Do Not Be Squeezed - 9 Commandments

Handshakes, Baby Kisses, And Hemorrhoids

Operation Bass Pro Shops - Make a Splash

Jay Leno Hoax - Actual Message Worth Reading

30 Minutes Until

Everyone Gets To Play

Spiritual Gifts - Call Me Thomas

Why Jesus Anyway? Come On Does It Really Matter?

The Best Wife

Black BMW - God Cares About Cars

The Road Ahead - Have, You Thought About It?

Thomas' Resume - The Misconception Of Doubt

What If Dog Catches Car?

God Is Great Beer, Is Good and People are Crazy

Time Doesn't Heal Everything

I Should Be Committed and Maybe You Should Too!

Graduation - We May Never Pass This Way Again

Til Death Do Us Part - Learning From Your Wife

How Many Calls Do You Receive From. . .

Lesson In Christian-ese

How Christian Are You?

Living Water vs Dead Religion

Miracle Of Facebook - Relationship

Restoration - The Art Grace

Great Divide - Relationship and Anointing

You're Kidding, Right?

Silencing the Debate - Intellectual Elitism

The Grind - Back To Work

Overhaulin' When You Need Everything Fixed

Christianity, the Bottom Line

Chuch-i-anity Are You Kidding Me?

American Girl - Heritage And Blessing

Moving On - Follow Your Heart

Things That Make Me Chuckle

Why I'm Not For Federal Health Care

Church How Do We Fit Into God's Plan?

Report Cards Already? Performance Review

Misunderstanding the Gospel

Unemployment - The Bright Side

I'm Looking For Answers, Are You?

Freedom Of Choice - The Role Of Decision

Nickels And Noses

Gifts - A Great Time To Receive

Health Care Ethics And Community

Hearing God Part 1 Of 2

America About To Be Railroaded Again

Supernatural Happenings


Tony C said...

Either you had a lot of time on your hands this weekend, or you've found a new analytical tool/toy.

If it's the latter, you should share.

Good stuff, I've read through the Top 10 on my way to #100!

photogr said...

Great articles David. Looking back on the ones from last year.

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